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Biography Of The Founder

     I am a man with a great sense of how the world works, I have a first degree in Guidance and counseling and a diploma in industrial relations and personnel management. Which i belive gives me some degree of professionalism on how to handle psychological problems. 

      Also, my personal life experiences are series of emotional truama, depression, indecision, stereotype, suicidal to mention a few. I am a survivor because i chose not to give up into these psychological states. I am still learning on how to become a better person and a good motivational speaker so that i can change lives allover the globe. 

     I ask of you to join me in this quest, to reach out to the uninformed and  to all who are too deep into their emotions to come out, and see that there’s more to life even in the worst of times.  

We are here if you ever need a family or friend.


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