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1. why did you choose the name intelligent zombies? 

   This might sound a little bit harsh for your consumption but we all are zombies, because our mind's content is restricted to our environment and for this reason most people can't see beyond the fence, due to this reason, simple solutions to psychological problems are very expensive to come by. 

2. How do you intend to tackle psychological problems just by giving tips on mental awareness, body languages and application of common sense to our daily activities?

    The mind is very powerful and as a result influences every action the human takes. we believe that if we can give tips and directions on how to properly tame the “mind”, it might just make the world a better, place filled with happy people with strong willed positive thought.

3. Do you belive that someone who's depressed can overcome depression simply by reading online therapies?

     Yes! reading they say is food for thought. So if  we read the right things we would have a world filled with happiness,love and other healthy choice we need to become better people.

4. How do you intend to curb or deal with a patient with low self-esteem?

     Usually, it’s a gradual process tackling low self-esteem. But it solely depends on the individuals acceptance for help that determines the progression.

5. Are your sessions free?, if no, how affordable are these sessions? 

    For now most of our sessions are free and stictly online interactions. But some few exceptional cases cost very little. however, we make sure you get the best service you likely would get from any other website.

6. What drives, inspires and motivates you to create this site?

     Well, i have gone through the hardest of times, and have been able to overcome them without therapy sessions neither did i have the luxury of good advice nor suitable environment to help me through it.

     I also have a first degree in Guidance and Counseling with a diploma in industrial relations and personnel‘s management which gives me some certain degree of knowledge.