FAQs 7 Answers

How did the name intelligent zombie come to be?

I  realized that we humans are trapped in  our thoughts and how we view or react to life issue, which is due to our level of exposure or environment. 

  So a very smart person in an environment might be viewed as a dummy "zombie" so to speak in another.

 noticed how much products you advice clients to get to help them through their mental health state, why is this?

 The world is changing into a diigital world, and so many products are created everyday for human consumption. If we pay attention to our environment we did realize that if we got our selves involved more with such products it would keep us busy living us with little or no time to think about why we shouldn't be happy or our mental health issues.

Are therapy sessions free?

well, for now it is. but voluntary donations are very well appreciated and needed for the growth of the company.